Visit the states

New Regulations for Saudi Arabian Nationals Wishing to Visit the United States:

Note:? Detailed Information is available at (1-800) 375-5283 or on the Internet at:

Some of the highlights of the new regulations affecting Saudis include:

  1. Upon entry to the U.S., each Saudi visitor will be given a list of airports, seaports and land entry/exit points that he can use when he departs the U.S.

  2. Special Registration Procedures:
    • All Saudis must register with an INS officer on arrival and departure.
    • Each visitor will be instructed to go to an area where he will be fingerprinted, photographed, asked to show documents and interviewed as to the length and purpose of his stay in the U.S.
    • If remaining in the U.S. for more than 30 days, Saudis must go to an INS office for a second interview. Location of INS offices may be found at:
  3. Leaving the United States:
    • Since October 1, 2002, all Saudis must make certain their departure from the U.S. is known and documented by an INS officer
    • Therefore, each Saudi is required to report his departure from the U.S. by appearing before an INS officer on the same day that he leaves
    • Each Saudi visitor must leave the U.S. through one of the airports, seaports or land entry/exit points on the list given to him when he arrived in the U.S.
    • Note: Failure to report his departure from the U.S. might result in the visitor not being permitted to return to the U.S.